How to Use a Male Genital Pump?

A male genital pump is a method men use when they do not feel content with the length or even the general size of their male genital. In order to avoid compromise of the man's male genital health, there are accurate steps to be followed when using the male genital pump. It is a cylindrical shape and placed over the male genital to exert pressure from the vacuum which had been created by the air pumped out of the cylinder. The erection will then be felt finally because of the pressure.

Men with erectile issues are the only people who are advised to be using the male genital pump because it does not only helps them in erection but also helps them in obtaining a larger erection than normal. Using the pump can also be risky to men and therefore precautions have to be taken. A male genital pump should not be used regularly. Make yourself one of the luckiest person who learn about the Bathmate hydro pump.

These are the tips to consider when using the male genital pump.

1.    Make sure the pump is disinfected. A new cylinder pump must thoroughly be cleaned before use to avoid being infected by any bacteria which might be in the cylinder. This is one of the important health precautions which one has to take into account when using the male genital pump.

2.    The pump should be warmed before use. Warming the pump before inserting the male genital into the pump is a good idea because it will enable blood to flow without any problem. A towel should be soaked in warm water, wring it out and wrap it around the male genital for about two minutes. Repeat the process for about two to three times and massage the male genital to attain erection before you finally insert it into the cylinder. To understand more here about the penis pump just view the link.

3.    Limit the use of the male genital pump. Using the male genital pump is commonly recommended by the manufactures to be minimal. using the pump should not go beyond once a day. And to those who are not used to the process should limit the use to two or three times in a week until the system is accustomed to it.

4.    Stop the process if you experience pain. As like is mentioned, the use of male genital pump is also risky and when a man experiences any pain during the procedure then he should not proceed. Click the link for more info about penis pump

5.    A pump must have a pressure gauge to allow the user know the level of the pressure is at during the process.